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Lone Traveller Awareness Course

Lone Traveller Awareness Course


International travel is a feature of modern life for all of us, from the gap year student to the executive business traveller. Despite being commonplace, travel to unfamiliar environments can expose people difficulty and discomfort, ranging from embarrassment, financial and business loss to severe health risks. Even the most seasoned traveller will benefit from the Iqarus Lone Traveller Awareness training, this short, enjoyable and accessible programme will give a practical understanding of safe travel including the diverse global cultural norms, appropriate dress and behaviour, personal security, travel and hotel safety, internet and media security, health protection and even efficient packing advice.

The course is suitable and relevant for all travellers, from gap year students, adventurers and business frequent fliers.


QUALIFICATION: Iqarus certified and accredited.

£495.00 ex.VAT £594.00 inc.Vat

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