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RED MED Online Course

Our comprehensive RED MED online course encompasses the same didactic material covered in the on-site course and the RED MED book. This adaptable platform empowers

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“It's just a note to say that over the last 10-years of doing courses, I have not come across something of this standard. The facilities and the immersive nature of the program are excellent. But most of all, I want to thank the trainers, you and the technician running the simulation facility. The standard of teaching in this course was excellent; the willingness to engage in conversation, take time on topics, and the focus on the practical application versus the theory was invaluable. I also loved having the combo of a civilian paramedic and a military medic. They are both utter gems whose knowledge is brilliant. You should also be applauded for your willingness to support Dyslexic learning. This is to say a huge thank you to you and the team. You are a cut above what everyone else is doing right now. And all lovely humans.”

“I was highly impressed with the training provided. The instructors were experts in their field with a plethora of real-world experience. I would attend similar training with these instructors anytime.”

“Thank you so much! Great team, good atmosphere! I would recommend.”

“All tactical/practical workshops were really beneficial to us.”

Some of the best medical training I have received since joining the Army. Excellent!

“Instructors were very knowledgeable, great presentation styles, overall, very impressed with the course.”

“Fantastic as always, very well organised.”

“Amazing job and knowledge, would do this course again with them.”

“Great experience and diversity of instructors.”

“Thank you so much! Great team, good atmosphere! I would recommend.”

“Very good practical sessions, good teaching skills and experience, safe environment.”

“Highly experienced instructors that were very approachable. Truly impressive.”

“The practical scenarios really helped put everything into context.”

“As a frequent business traveller, I found the information to be very beneficial and I will for sure keep in mind while travelling especially to certain countries. I also think that this course should be part of our e-learning for info to be refreshed.”

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    Ever set up a triage when it’s -20 degrees? Everything you’ve trained for is suddenly more difficult when you can see your breath in front of your face. When your fingers are stiff and cold, and when your patient is wearing so many layers you can’t see the injury. Experience these real-life challenges and more in our Arctic Room.