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Quality Assurance Policy Statement

Iqarus Holdings Pte Limited and its subsidiary operations is a global provider of intelligent and integrated healthcare solutions to its clients in complex and demanding operating environments in order to keep their workforce safe, healthy and productive.

Iqarus adopts highest standards of clinical care in the environments in which it operates; combining local knowledge, multinational medical staff, integrated global clinical governance, training and medical supply. Iqarus operates across the medical spectrum from primary care and occupational health, to advanced pre-hospital trauma care, laboratory, radiological, diagnostic and surgical capabilities. 

Iqarus is committed to delivering customer satisfaction by operating in accordance with quality principles. These include the codifying of policy and procedure, the assessment of risk and the setting of measurable objectives, the training of staff and encouragement of improvement, conduct of internal audit and implementation of preventative action where necessary.

Our aim is to become leaders in the provision of turnkey healthcare solutions; supplying our customers with critical services in the most complex and demanding environments around the world. 

The quality of these solutions is facilitated by an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System, which management is committed to continually improve in accordance with the requirements of ISO: 9001:2015.

Iqarus is committed to the following objectives and expectations:

• Comply with applicable laws and adopted codes of practice and standards;

• Strict adherence to our service quality.

• Customer oriented behaviour.

• Innovative attitude by providing intelligent and integrated healthcare solutions.

• Promote the use of a process and risk-based approach to quality policy and process;

• Publish a codified quality management system within an accessible Document Library;

• Communicate the importance of quality management and conformance with quality standards;

• Set quantifiable objectives, measure them and analyse of related data;

• Review the effectiveness of the QMS and the achievement of its intended results;

• Conduct internal quality audit of performance and resolving of non-conformance;

• Engage, direct, encourage and support staff to contribute to the effectiveness of the QMS;

• Incorporate quality principles into relationships with suppliers and other interested parties to provide 

a quality service;

• Maintain a Quality Team to administer the QMS and to provide technical support and training.

• Maintain a cross-function Quality Committee to oversee the quality programme;

• Engage with staff, clients and patients and promote feed-back and to assess customer satisfaction.

• Promote improvement and development of the QMS, its systems, policy and process.

This Quality Policy will be communicated to all staff and to organisations working for or on behalf of Iqarus, all of which are expected to cooperate and assist in the implementation of this policy, whilst ensuring that their own work, so far as reasonably practicable, is carried out with due regard for quality principles.

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