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About Red Med Courses

The Rescue, Expedition & Disaster Medicine (RED MED) courses are specifically designed for healthcare professionals currently engaged in, or with aspirations to join, rescue, expedition, wilderness, humanitarian, and disaster response teams. 

These hybrid courses aim to foster both clinical and non-clinical competencies, which are then solidified through team discussions, adventure travel, and immersive scenario-based training within realistic contexts.

The core text, Rescue Expedition & Disaster Medicine, has been officially endorsed by the International Board of Specialty Certification (IBSC) as a recommended study resource for the Wilderness Paramedic board-certified exam (WP-C).


Red Med Online

Our comprehensive RED MED online course encompasses the same didactic material covered in the on-site course and the RED MED book. 

This adaptable platform empowers participants to learn at their own pace, one module at a time. 

Tailored for healthcare professionals and support staff within rescue, expedition, disaster response, wilderness, industrial, and security teams, this course offers a diverse range of content.

red med courses online 2023

Rescue Expedition & Disaster Medicine Book

Rescue Expedition and Disaster Medicine (RED MED) equips urban healthcare providers with a robust knowledge framework to prepare for operations within challenging environments and to safely integrate into rescue, expedition, wilderness, humanitarian, or disaster response teams.

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    Ever set up a triage when it’s -20 degrees? Everything you’ve trained for is suddenly more difficult when you can see your breath in front of your face. When your fingers are stiff and cold, and when your patient is wearing so many layers you can’t see the injury. Experience these real-life challenges and more in our Arctic Room.