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Rescue Expedition & Disaster Medicine (RED MED) Get Your Copy NOW!

Rescue Expedition & Disaster Medicine (RED MED) Get Your Copy NOW!


Rescue Expedition and Disaster Medicine (RED MED) equips urban healthcare providers with a robust knowledge framework to prepare for operations within challenging environments and to safely integrate into rescue, expedition, wilderness, humanitarian, or disaster response teams.

Pre-hospital care professionals, working with rescue, expedition and disaster response teams, face additional challenges from environmental hazards, multiple patients, security issues, infectious disease, and the compound effect of living and operating in arduous physical and psychological conditions.

The RED MED environments are dynamic and subject to rapidly changing circumstances, potentially influencing patient care and delaying a medical evacuation: forcing the medic to conduct prolonged field care (PFC).

The variables in the RED MED environments are diverse and not entirely predictable. However, risks can be mitigated, safety enhanced and patient care optimised through a thorough risk assessment, proper planning process and acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills to survive, thrive and operate in a RED MED environment.

An inexperienced or ill-prepared healthcare professional may pose a significant risk to themselves and the patient population. Whereas a well-prepared practitioner can add significant value to any operation through effective planning, appropriate use of resources, added safety, efficient diagnosis, treatment and evacuation of casualties.

Understanding the environment you are heading into, the associated hazards and the logistical requirements can enable: effective planning, cost reduction, and risk mitigation and contributes to the overall efficacy of the mission.

The material in this manual is designed to serve as a baseline guide to assist urban healthcare professionals in preparing for, and remaining safe during, EMS operations in austere environments and includes:

  • operational planning
  • risk management
  • safety and security
  • landmine awareness
  • cold weather travel
  • polar medicine
  • desert overland expeditions
  • extreme high-altitude expeditions
  • urban search and rescue (USAR) operations
  • water treatment
  • tropical medicine
  • disaster medicine
  • telemedicine
  • point of care ultrasound
  • wilderness technology and much more


Rescue Expedition & Disaster Medicine has been officially endorsed by the International Board of Specialty Certification (IBSC) as a recommended study resource for the Wilderness Paramedic board-certified exam (WP-C).

This is the MIRA Handbook. If you attend the course, you will receive the book as part of your course package, but it is also available for purchase.

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