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RED MED Hybrid Course – Guatemala

RED MED Hybrid Course – Guatemala


The RED MED Hybrid Course is meticulously crafted to equip existing healthcare professionals with the essential knowledge framework and practical experience required for successful RED MED operations. It’s an opportunity to seamlessly integrate into various Rescue, Expedition, and Disaster Management teams while ensuring safety and proficiency.

This course is tailor-made for healthcare professionals actively engaged in or aspiring to join Rescue, Expedition, and Disaster Response Teams operating within challenging wilderness and austere environments.

The hybrid RED MED course combines online learning modules with an immersive on-site adventure-based phase. The online component serves as the cornerstone, providing core content and supplemental reading material. The subsequent on-site phase adopts a flipped-classroom methodology, enabling collaborative learning through group discussions, skill-focused sessions, and context-driven scenario exercises.

This comprehensive course revisits fundamental concepts such as risk management, personal preparation, and operational planning. It also delves into a comprehensive review of common illnesses and injuries often encountered within remote and austere settings.

Course Content

Delivered through a pre-course remote review of didactic material, on-site lectures, tabletop exercises, and real-world scenarios in context—while traversing Guatemala using 4×4 vehicles, by foot, rafts, and helicopters—the course encompasses:

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Documentation
  • Risk Management
  • Operational Planning & Personal Preparation
  • Helicopter Safety
  • Helicopter Short Haul
  • Communications & Telemedicine
  • Equipment Selection
  • Safety & Security
  • Hierarchy of Rescue
  • Search & Rescue Operations
  • Infectious Disease
  • Disaster Response
  • Landmines
  • Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)
  • Active Shooter Incidents
  • Altitude Illness, Bites and Stings, Cold Injury, Bleeding Control, Heat Illness
  • Crush Injury, Suspension Syndrome


Our programme is endorsed by the UK CPD Certification Service, ensuring the acquisition of continuing professional development (CPD) credits. Furthermore, it’s acknowledged for contributing towards Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) credits through the esteemed Wilderness Medical Society.

AMA CME certified qualification and approved review course for IBSC Certified Wilderness Paramedic also counts as a (WP-C) re-certification (supplementary fee required for AME CME certification).

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

Acquire the latest practical, hands-on wilderness medical skills for patient assessment, stabilisation, and evacuation.

Gain essential preparatory and safety insights to seamlessly integrate and operate within rescue, expedition, or disaster response teams.

Put acquired skills to the test through real-life scenarios.

Current WMS FAWM candidates are eligible to receive FAWM credits.

Earn a total of 47 continuing professional development (CPD) credits.

Secure 47.75 AMA PRA Category 1 credit(s).

For an additional CME certification fee of $75, participants can obtain 47.75 AMA PRA Category 1 credit(s).


Course Logistics:

Location: Guatemala

Duration: 8 days


  • RED MED Course Certificate
  • WMS Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) credits*
  • 47 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits
  • RED MED Uniform Patch
  • RED MED Manual
  • Airport Transfers
  • 9 Nights Lodging, Guiding, Meals, Manual, Rafting, and Helicopter Flights (as per itinerary)


All Flights to Guatemala, airport taxes, travel insurance, gratuities, and alcoholic beverages. Additionally, extra travel days or global rescue insurance are not included.

Accommodation & Additional Single Supplement Costs

Throughout the course, shared accommodation will be provided due to limited hotel space in remote areas. This approach enhances group dynamics and fosters a shared experience. If you desire a single room for the entire trip, kindly notify us, and we’ll make every effort to accommodate your request. The additional charge for a single supplement is $250.


Please refer to CDC vaccination guidelines for Guatemala at and consider Malaria prophylaxis.


All participants must possess medical and evacuation insurance covering all activities for the entire course duration.

Embrace the RED MED Online Course today and elevate your expertise anytime, anywhere!

For the complete itinerary, vaccination guidance, and insurance details, please email

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